Bac Ninh Pedagogical College

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Lot 10, Dai Phuc Ward, Bac Ninh City
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Bac Ninh Pedagogical College

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  • Mission

    The mission of the school is to train learners political quality, morality, good sense of serving the people, knowledge and professional skills at the college level and lower level, capable of study, communication skills and teamwork, and good health to serve the country, serving people, training teachers, educational administrators, school staff and the educational mission...

  • Facilities

    - Land Area: 4.387 ha

    - Construction area: 12.575m2

    - Teaching the street / room: 4524 m2

    - Number of classrooms: 40, total area: 3.600m2

    - Conference room: 500m2

    - Computer Room: 03 rooms, 245 computer networking

    - Library: 2.710m2, 166,993 books

    - Laboratory: 03 rooms, 185m2

    - Hostel: 2.850m2 area, 40 rooms, 400 seats, an average of 7.12 members m2/sinh

    - The food: 1000m2

    - The versatile: 648m2